The Society of Friends

of Mvumi

In the United Kingdom the work of Mvumi Hospital is supported by the Society of Friends of Mvumi Hospital (registered charity 289820). 

'The Friends of Mvumi' play an active role in the hospital and its future development by:-

  • Promoting and encouraging the sponsorship of student nurses. and doctors.

  • Funding the further training of staff in specialised areas such as anesthetics, sterilisation of fluids and equipment and ultrasound scanning.

  • Building new hospital facilities such as the maternity hostel and renovating the hospital wards and staff houses.

  • Renovating and maintaining the hospital's vital supplies such as water to ensure that precious water is not wasted.

  • Purchasing new technical and medical equipment for the hospital such as the new X-ray system installed in 2008 and its upgrade to a digital system in 2016.

  • Procuring and maintaining transport which is needed to bring supplies from Dodoma.

  • Buying and installing new laundry facilities.

  • Committing themselves to provide incentives to the staff to stay working in this difficult rural location.

  • Providing financial support to the hospital and its patients in times of famine.

With the change to designated hospital status the financing of Mvumi Hospital has undoubtedly become more stable, but external donors will still be necessary to support the teaching schools, drugs for chronic diseases, capital development and renovation, patient and staff subsidies and staff training and sponsorship. The Friends of Mvumi constantly examines its role as the status of the hospital changes but will always aim to support the hospital in whichever ways are most beneficial to the patients and staff of Mvumi Hospital.

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Karol and Kamil signing contracts in June 2016

200 New cotton blankets Oct 2016

Hospital staff with Polish collaborators

Collaborator: Young Businessmen's Club of Poland

Coordinator: Kamil Siemieniuk

Action leaders: Jan Maksymilian Janiszewski and Karol Pilecki

Start of project: 1st May 2016

End of Polish Aid project: 30th November 2016


Mvumi Hospital and Allied Health Schools have seen some great improvements in 2016 as a result of the Polish-Tanzanian Medical Bridge. This project involves Mvumi Hospital and Allied Health Schools together with the Young Businessmen's Club of Poland, funded by Polish Aid, which functions under the auspices of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The project has already brought about renovation of 3 clinical areas (maternity, children’s and labour wards) including a solar lighting system to ensure continuous power supply in these wards. The project has provided much needed items for infection prevention and control (IPC). This includes a good supply of properly covered mattresses and pillows, sheets, pillowcases and blankets, taps, soap dispensers and pedal bins.


The project has enabled the renovation of 2 large rainwater tanks that will be of great help in this arid area. The project has also put a computer room (“incubator”) in place with 15 computers and internet to allow staff and students access to up to date materials.

Polish-Tanzanian Medical Bridge is an innovative project serving improving medical services in Africa and the exchange of expertise between the parties. By providing a stable supply of electricity, modernization of IT infrastructure with access to the knowledge base, it will be possible to carry out periodic conference in the online form with representatives of hospitals and medical specialists in Poland. The above actions and retrofitting the most critical departments of the hospital in Mvumi will increase the chance of staying there the health of mothers and children and reduce the amount of infection.

                                     Final Report "Polish - Tanzanian Medical

Polish - Tanzanian Medical Bridge

Children's ward repairs July 2016 funded by Polish Aid



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  • Diocese of Central Tanganyika


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