DCT Mvumi Hospital is a Council Designated hospital since July, 2008, therefore is jointly run by the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika and Chamwino District Council.  Its Registration No. is 013001 of 6th September, 1997. It grew out of nursing station that was started in the 1920s by CMS Missionaries from UK and Australia.  Mvumi DDH is situated 40 km South East of Dodoma serving a half of population in Chamwino District which has a population of 323,267 people.

Working as a Council Designated Hospital, DCT Mvumi hospital has helped to reduce the work load as a first referral Centre for other health Centre and Dispensaries in the District and led to the improvement of the quality of services in Chamwino District Council. The hospital has 280 beds.

The Hospital operates under Doctor In charge, assisted by the Hospital Secretary and hospital matron.  (Hospital management Team) as well as other Medical personnel employed.  The hospital is directed by hospital Management Board since 2008 which including 10 members, whereby 4 members comes from the church, 4 members from the government and 2 members from the hospital.  In striving to provide quality care each year a hospital sent some of its staffs for further training.

 The Hospital plays a central role in the provision of health care services in the District and a place where more advanced health care services are provided to patients coming from rural areas. It also conduct Supportive Supervision in the Cascade area, CTC Mobile and monthly RCH outreach services in 21 health facilities which serves more than 60% of the total population.



To glorify God by contributing to total well being of people mentally, physically and spiritually.




        DCT Mvumi Hospital is a Christian Health Institution that faithfully, competently, diligently and  

        Lovingly provides high quality curative and preventive services to improve the health of people 

        and demonstrate the love of Christ. 




  • Human dignity

  • Equity provision of health services

  • Sense of ownership of existing resources

  • Continuous development of our internal clients          



The day to day running of the hospital is done by Hospital Management Team (HMT) which comprises of Dr. In charge, Hospital Secretary, NO Incharge (Matron) and the Heads of department.  They meet once every month to discuss on issues to improve the health care of the patients, issues pertaining staff allocation, retention and improving staff condition.  They are also involved in suggesting ways to improve the hospital infrastructures.


We have also hospital Health Committee which is the highest body to make discussion of the hospital and advises the Hospital Management Team on how to improve the hospital.  The hospital also has two Staff Unions which are TUGHE and TALGHWU deals with affairs to staff and employer to see that staff, patients and employer work for the benefit of the patient.






Doctors preparation at Surgical unit


  • Outpatient services – emergencies, referrals, antenatal clinic, reproductive and child health clinic

  • Maternity inpatient services – labour, antenatal, postnatal and premature baby care

  • Surgical inpatient services

  • Medical inpatient services

  • Eye clinic, eye surgery and glasses Laboratory

  • Ultrasound

  • X-Ray

  • Pharmacy

  • Social welfare department

  • Private ward

  • Technical department

  • HIV/AIDS programmes

  • Administration department

Dr. Alfred Ngalama (Acting Medical Officer in-charge)

Neema Mlula (Hospital Matron)

Diocesan Bishop
| Rt. Rev. Dr. Dickson Chilongani
Diocesan Bishop
| Rt. Rev. Dr. Dickson Chilongani
Diocesan General Secretary
Rev.Can.Mr. John Ntandu

Mrk Ecky Shuma (Hospital Secretay)